First snow

Pauline and the guineas, unhappy with the white stuff
First snow for the new chickens and guineas. The guineas were not pleased, and spent half the morning voicing their complaints.

First snow means of course first snow man

And the first snow means I can still get my gardening jones fixed, as it was toasty and warm in here. I need to compose a sonnet, describing my love of this greenhouse.

8 responses to “First snow

  1. You could get a second job as a bird photographer. Really nice.

  2. Love the photos! We get one snow day a year here, and last year we didn’t get it at all, so these pictures are a sight for sore eyes.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow

    Lucky girl getting all that snow. Love the snowman too. CAn’t wait to read “Ode to Greenhouse”.

  4. oh my goodness El – that’s a lot of snow! we only got a shprinkling. you must have had a cozy holiday!

    excellent photo of the fowl btw. 🙂

  5. Oh, man, what fun!!! Not likely to get much white stuff down here in Florida, so I’ll have to live vicariously through all you folks who’re getting such a great snow 🙂

  6. CC: Sometimes, they cooperate. But I am glad I am digital and not wasting film on them.

    Pattie: I would really miss snow if we didn’t have it!

    Lisa: I am working up to the ode, believe me.

    Gigi: Thanks! Snow’s mostly gone now though, boo-hoo.

    Robbyn: Glad to hear from you! I love the white stuff, especially when it is new and novel.

  7. is your greenhouse designed on Elliot COleman’s plans? It looks familiar.

  8. Gaile: Yes and no. It’s a commercial greenhouse, but I am doing what Coleman suggests. I will give all the greenhouse stats in a later post.

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