On the efficacy of tears

Thank you all for your warm sentiments. I appreciated the cyber-hugs!

Gardens, in the scheme of things, are nothing to cry over. I didn’t lose my job, I didn’t lose a loved one in a war, I don’t have an incurable disease. Those, frankly, are great reasons to cry.

My first thought, honestly, when I was pulling out the posts for the chicken fence were this: what’s with the waterworks? Is this The Change Of Life? So even among the tears, I am always laughing at myself.

I’ll tell you this, though: when Tom came back inside from talking with the propane guy, and heard me sobbing, he freaked OUT.

So, today, my task list is especially long. That chicken run needs to be put back up, as those happy birds again have free range, but they’re easy targets for the hawks. The damage needs to be assessed in the herb garden. Compaction is a bigger problem than just getting smashed: this clay soil becomes positive concrete when it’s run over. I think the only loss, as far as Thanksgiving is concerned, is the sorrel: it is ripped to shreds. And the fence needs to be put back up around the herb garden. And then there’s all that other stuff I need to do.

I’m time-crunched is all. Considering I adore having lots to do in the gardens, you’d think getting one uprooted and another run over would be seen as opportunities by me!!!!

3 responses to “On the efficacy of tears

  1. The sadness you expressed in your last post and the dozen kind responses from your friends are quite moving. I wonder, if those of us who love to make thing, grow things, fix things, are especially effected by those moments of undoing, tearing up, running over- especially when they are not in the service of something better. It’s a reminder of all that is mindlessly grinding away at our little patches of tender green. I’m recalling your post from a while back when you shared your pain about the destruction we do to the earth. So there it goes, right through your herb garden. But here you go in reply-doing that good, hard job- to heal, repair, salvage.

  2. Glad that you are feeling better…or at least that you have a plan;sometimes they are the same thing- one results from the other.

    Your Thanksgiving dinner will be excellent with or without sorrel because the effort you (clearly!!!) make and the care you take is the basis of good cooking,hospitality and enjoyment!

    I would have cried too if my garden was crushed by a propane man’s truck!


  3. Anon: How thoughtful, how insightful of you. I think the reason I felt so lousy about it all is…well, gee, MY gardens are my own attempt at something constructive, especially in light of my thoughts on how we as a species tend to screw things up. I didn’t expect destruction so close to home.

    Nada: a girl with a plan and a shovel? LOTS can get done. I thank you for your thoughts, though. The big meal should be fine, and I am looking forward to a long weekend of family and leftovers and time to finish putting the gardens away for the season.

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