One week countdown

Thank you NYTimes

Anyone else out there experiencing a tiny bit of pre-Thanksgiving panic?

I guess it started on Tuesday night, when my mother came over for dinner. She began to grill me (lightly) about what she can do, what the menu was, what I had in the garden or in storage that she could take home with her that night to make ahead: I blanched. “I haven’t gone down that path yet,” I told her after I could breathe normally again.

You see, for we non-religious types, Thanksgiving is a high holiday. Scratch that: it is THE high holiday, as it celebrates food and companionship above all else. Last year, I did the 100-Mile Thanksgiving, and it was quite fun, quite festive, quite a bit of work on my part…but according to our guests, it was also quite tasty. This year I expect the same. Our one exception to the 100 miles is (as ever) butter.

So it is a week away, and I have begun my planning. We pick up our bird on Saturday; she is not a heritage breed, though next year our meat friends have conservancy on their agenda. I have found a new farm for flour and cornmeal. Wine and cider come from down the road. Most other things are coming out of the garden. Our few sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts will be lovingly prepared. I have already begun to cut up, dry, and freeze any leftover bread, biscuits and cornbread we’ve had for the future stuffing. I even found a source for local cranberries, something that was missing at last year’s table.

So, why the panic if I have all the goods? I don’t know. Maybe because I have to work on Wednesday!

5 responses to “One week countdown

  1. Butter is easy! Well if you have a mixer it is easy, just throw some heavy cream and a pinch of salt in and let it go till the fat clumps together. Anyways you are braver than I am for doing the 100 mile thanksgiving. Since we can’t have poultry here and we need a kosher bird, I am sure we are way over 100 miles. And I was hoping to be moved by thanksgiving, so I haven’t planned either, in fact I have packed up all my thanksgiving supplies!!!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    A slight panic when I realized that I have to work this saturday as well as next wednesday. Menu…hmmm better get off here and plan…

  3. And local cranberries. Not many of us can claim that.
    I’m substituting pear chutney made with 100-foot (backyard) pears.

  4. El, I followed Gigi’s link at roadsidescholar and found you. I’ve done a bunch of Thanksgiving recipe posts, yet realized today that I didn’t have any of the ingredients I’d need for the dishes I’m planning for the ACTUAL day. Funny how that works. I love that you did a 100 mile Thanksgiving last year. Every little bit makes a difference, even if you shoot for it, and still break down for the mandatory cranberries or butter. Have a great Thanksgiving celebrating good food, good company, and all the things we have to be thankful for.

  5. Mommymommy: Yikes, what a tough time to contemplate a move. I feel for you, having to keep your house perpetually tidy. I’ve made butter, it is fun! (I haven’t used a mixer, but used a mason jar and lots of shaking…that was fun, actually.)

    Lisa: I swear I have dreams of not having some key ingredient when The Big Day comes. I got the turkey, though…

    CC: Now how about 10 POUNDS of the things. I didn’t expect to get that many; let’s just say they’ll be showing up in dishes for a long time to come.

    Bri: I envy you your foodshed! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Your stuffed squash looked just lovely, so keep up the good veg work!

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