Dirty progress

Getting a lot accomplished with a small child around can sometimes be a challenge.

Lucky for us, we have no fear of dirt, and neither does the kid. So while her parents worked on the greenhouse, our kid tricked out my 4+ yards of topsoil, Three Little Pigs style.

4 responses to “Dirty progress

  1. Oh, so the fourth little piggie built a rammed-earth house. Cool.

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    She looks like she is enjoying herself. 🙂

  3. Love the photos. It’s amazing what they find to do outside isn’t it? And indoors too for that matter. Mine seem to prefer everyday objects to toys hands down.

  4. CC: PERFECT! I’ve started her on the indoctrination of terms: “cob” meaning “dirt house,” for example.

    Lisa: Oh that’s not the half of it. It was positively freezing out, and wet, but we couldn’t get her indoors.

    Angie: We could save a lot of money if we (and the grandparents) would just not buy all those danged toys, couldn’t we?

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