On fencing

Verloe: Hey, what gives?

We locked up the chickens yesterday. It took about two hours to string 250′ of fencing. Now, will it keep the hawks out? Hard to tell. It’ll keep the chookies in, though, which is very much the point.

But don’t feel too bad for them: I would have been OH so happy if I had half as big a yard as they do when I was a city person.

5 responses to “On fencing

  1. Did you cover it??? Or just surround it???

  2. Have you had some losses recently?

    We probably used that amount of fencing to create our Duck Paradise. It does give me a great sense of security to know they can’t just wander off and get eaten. Just don’t think of them as being “locked up” and it will be fine. 🙂

  3. MM: Just surrounded them.

    Liz: Just last year (lost 2). I am not taking chances; the other day I saw a hawk on the ground next to the birds’ food!!! So…nope, it won’t keep them out but it makes me feel better as they have access to lots of cover. And I do think of them as being jailed, especially since Bloody Beatrice can somehow always find a way out! (She’s so bad, but sweet and funny.)

  4. some deer netting strung across top of run will help a whole lot.

  5. Goodness…I’ve been reading through your blog and I’m rather impressed with how much you are doing. Not bad for 3 years.

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