Stepping away from the gardens

Hello all…

My kid and I will be away for the week, going to “pick up” her daddy in New York.

Tom’s book signing/book release party and talk will be on Tuesday night, October 16th, starting at 6:30, at Aperture’s offices in Chelsea. He will be holding a joint talk with Chip Kidd, the graphic design world’s rock star. Chip has followed Tom’s work for years, and has utilized Tom’s art on book covers for some James Ellroy rereleases and to illustrate a full edition of Francis Ford Coppola’s literary publication, Zoetrope: All-Story.

Personally, I am hoping that book release parties are as entertaining as art openings. This should be some serious fun. And, of course, it’s great to step off the farm every once in a while…at least for a bagel and a schmear.

5 responses to “Stepping away from the gardens

  1. OK, wow. Now I’m really impressed.
    Have a great trip.

  2. Please kiss my New York hello for me. I miss her so. So. So. Much.

    Nothing says New York like a good schmear.

  3. This is a good time of the year to get away. Our farming friends/neighbors just left for two weeks in France, and boy am I jealous.

    Have a bagel for me, will ya? The one thing I really miss about NJ is the good bagels. Have a blast!

  4. Will Francis Ford be there?? (Be still my beating heart!) I watch Godfather reruns all the time (except III).

  5. Muffintop: it was fun!

    Kelly: One of life’s simplest pleasures is a good bagel. Oh, and a good slice, too 😉

    Liz: It’s always hard to leave! And I swear it is still summer here, it’s so danged warm. But I know what you mean about bagels…

    Artemisia: I’m not sure; I was in the front of the room! It was a big crowd, though…

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