One small thing crossed off my list

View from Mont Merde

Look what we were able to do this afternoon.

Of course I had to pick a record-high day to do it: here it is, quarter to 7 in the evening and it’s 84* out.

There is a lot more to be done to the greenhouse, but putting it up was the biggest thing. I won’t put the plastic film on it until it starts getting cold (and considering the temperatures now, who knows when that will be).

But I did need to commit tomatocide. I cut down/pulled out the Brandywines, Aunt Ruby’s German Greens, Green Zebras and one Amish Paste. The dang things were 7′ high, some of them, and–well–I needed to plant the December crops (!).

5 responses to “One small thing crossed off my list

  1. I’m envious that you have a greenhouse and I’m looking forward to seeing what you grow in there.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Mont Merde? Love it!

  3. Wow! How can it still be so hot where you are? We’re having an unusually warm autumn (fall) in the UK, too, but that sounds freakish. I’m dead envious. My late cabbages might heart up a bit quicker if we had some sun.

  4. Robin (Bumblebee)

    It doesn’t seem right having hot hot temps this time of year does it? It’s hot here too. Our brandywine tomatoes are still cranking them out. Yesterday my husband came in with a whole basket lf them–about 25 or so. Wow.

    –Robin (Bumblebee)

  5. Carol: Stay tuned! Though aren’t you one of those gardeners who actually likes having an off-season 😉 ?

    Artemisia: I was wondering if anyone would catch that…

    Soilman: Welcome! Yes it is freakishly warm here. Today it is supposed to hit the low 90s. Some of my lettuce is even bolting, and my peas are not happy! But it has been great for all this seedstarting I’m doing…

    Robin: Aren’t Brandywines the bomb? I made a pizza sauce Thursday with just one tomato (and yes it was a big ‘un) so I was pretty sad I had to level them all. But there’re still a good 25 plants putting out the fruit in the regular garden, so…

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