Yep! Hot off the press, just released Tuesday night: Alice Waters’ latest. I am happy, as simple food is what I love. It’s a fairly basic cookbook, actually. But consider the source: in her talented hands, and with her instructions, simple magic can happen in anyone’s kitchen.

But what you’re looking at, of course, is a bribe.

You see, Tom leaves for London on Tuesday. Alone. Without us! So he needs to do some things to curry my favor.

He’s going to be in an art fair–slash–show there. It’s his profession’s version of a convention, I suppose; in such an instance I am glad I am not going, conventions being what they are. (I would never drag him to an AIA convention.) But then, London is a place where the child and I could have plenty of fun…with or without him.

As it is, we’ll see what trouble we can get in at home…

3 responses to “Payola

  1. London without you? I hope you get a good gift-a-day for every day he’s gone. The first one is pretty awesome though. Do share some of the highlights as you try them out.

  2. Missing out on a trip to London? That’d probably grounds for divorce where I come from… 😉

  3. M: Oh yeah, and I am giving him a list.

    Artemisia: It’s a short trip! I will go when he has his own solo show (probably next year) and I intend to stay for a while.

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