The Return of the Salad

Yay Autumn! Cooler weather means cool salad greens.

I so looked forward to the day that those little seeds would sprout. Tender greens bolt into hot bits of cellulose here usually around the end of June. For years past, I have tried in vain to find something to substitute for those little bites for July-September. Malabar spinach, amaranth, chopped cabbage, some more stalwart Asian mustards…blah! So this year I gave in and went without.

Like awaiting that first tomato, the return of the Salad is something to be savored, to be…celebrated. So we did, last night. Bread, soup and…salad.

And the best part? The kid kept asking for more.

3 responses to “The Return of the Salad

  1. My local nursery is teeming with lettuce seedlings, but I can’t seem to talk myself into planting any.
    We did unreasonably, unexpectedly well with lettuce this summer (parked a plastic chair over it for shade) and now the idea of lettuce is too summery…
    But, see, I’m still a beginner here.
    We have 200 onion sets to go into the ground! That is Kingsolver wackadoo.

  2. CC: So not wackadoo. Especially since the success rate of onions is not 1:1…you won’t be having 200 onions to deal with, in other words!

    But you reminded me of something that I found to be very crucial when I started all this producing-your-own nonsense. As in, how many onions is enough? Well, most of us use one (at least) per dinner, so…that’s only 200 dinners!

    But it must be wild, living where you do…I won’t be planting my onion starts until April at the earliest.

  3. I did the onion calculations recently too, so I’ve made a start with planting out about 160 seeds. This will not meet our onion use needs plus I’m also starting seeds for my sister’s garden. Germination rate has been fair. I may need to plant a second round. I have never grown onions before…who knows how it will turn out.

    What I thought was curious about Kingsolver, was that she calculated her family used about an onion a week!????

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