…and Sunday was Grape Day

Yes, everything else gets shoved aside when it’s Harvest Season.

4 responses to “…and Sunday was Grape Day

  1. That’s an impressive harvest, and I’m sure that’s not even half of it. I made grape jam this year because of your comment on my blog that it was “easy-peasy” to do. (I think it was your comment.) Anyway, it was easy to make and I’m enjoying homemade grape jam on toast every morning with breakfast.

    Enjoy your harvest!
    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Wow El, those look great! My brother is in the middle of harvest too. Both at work and at home. Yum the wine though.

  3. So pretty! And so many of them. Lucky you. And what an adorable little worker you have there!

  4. Carol: I’m so glad! I never much liked grape jam as a kid, but then, my mom didn’t make it (she made all the other kinds though). But boy do I like this homegrown stuff. There’s nothing finer than jam on toast.

    Jules: I was thinking of your brother and all the other folks out there doing what we’re doing: it is definitely high season for the grapes. It was a good year for us, hope it was for him and for the winery!

    Meredith, we’ve got TONS of grapes. Okay, maybe one and a half tons. So we’re getting the middle school kids to come out here on Friday and do a bit of picking. Their teacher has a method of canning the whole grapes to make juice; he learned it from the Amish. Should be interesting.

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