Ugly bugs

Did you ever wonder what those disgusting tomato hornworms look like when they grow up?

I found out yesterday…YUCK. It was so ugly I had to grab my gloves. I think the pink part behind its head freaked me out more than its size.

But around here, it’s Chicken Dinner!

3 responses to “Ugly bugs

  1. Eeewwww! They definately don’t get any better looking do they? I’ve seen the moth version around before, but never knew it had once been a hornworm.

  2. Just try not to think about that “chicken dinner” when you’re enjoying her eggs.

  3. Ang, I had never seen the moths knowingly before…you think I’d’a noticed something that big before!

    CC, Oh, yeah, you get over that REALLY quickly when they first start laying. “High quality protein” and all that. I will say it absolutely grossed me out when they found a nest of baby mice…but then, they took care of a generation of vermin in one fell swoop!

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