Come, have a seat

I’m taking as much time off from work this week that I can.

The last vacation I had was back when we went to New York for Tom’s show. I’ve taken a few days off here and there, but it has been nowhere near the European 5-6 weeks or the stingy American two. So, what is it that I do to “vacate,” you ask? I work in the gardens.

Yes, so far, I have had two days of unbothered bliss in the veg garden, pulling weeds, moving mulch, harvesting, making more compost…you know, puttering. (Or pottering, if you’re English.) It has been such a tonic! All that sun, all that greenery.

The one significant thing I did was put two chairs in the garden. Since I fenced it in, there’s been no place to sit…intentionally. This is no place for slacking, I thought. Then my friend Kristie emailed me and said she reads this blog and thinks how much fun it would be to walk around the gardens and shoot the breeze. Well, dang! Now you can pull up a chair and do so.

Tom and I opened a bottle of wine and sat in the chairs for a long time last night. (Most of the bottle got drunk, too.) I gave him a tour at one point, and asked him what he thought. He said that it was so beautiful he didn’t know why people just grew flowers. And I agree. The mass that is a blooming bunch of bush beans and the vibrance that is swiss chard, the fronds of waving leek leaves, the ripening fruits of the tomatoes and the seductive darkness of the eggplants: this gorgeous stuff also FEEDS US!

Every visitor comes to the garden and invariably says “Wow this is a lot of work.” To which I also invariably say, work? This, this is not work at all.

5 responses to “Vacation

  1. Your garden and chairs are picture perfect. The picture makes me smile from ear to ear. Good work. Thank you.

  2. Perfection!

  3. I sat on my patio this morning, watching my funny suburban garden in the back yard, and said to my hubster: “What am I doing today? Growing food.”
    It ain’t hard.

  4. I want to come hang out with you guys! Must’ve been some mighty fine wine… even the bottle got drunk… heh.

  5. Kale: yay, I am glad you like them. It’s a nice addition.

    Kristie: come on down, any time!

    CC: That is busy work, really, it is.

    Evilwoman: what a moniker! Well, yes, I suppose we didn’t drink the bottle itself…just its contents. But it was fun, and it was mosquito-free out there, too.

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