Let’s go on a garden walk, part one

Today, the kid was at my mom’s so I didn’t feel the ultimate rush I usually do at dinnertime to make dinner. It has been raining here to an absurd degree: the usual August allotment came in two days, but that was eight days’ worth of rain ago. SO! Let’s see what we shall find, okay?

Step one: Don shoes. Roll up pants.

Step Two: Open a bottle of liquid courage (you see, I don’t think I will like what I find out there, frankly) because, well, it’s darned hot. And I like this beer.

Step Three: Pick up The Mother of All Colanders, and her sister, The Mother of All Dough-Rising Bowls. (Note beer bottle for scale.)

Step Four: Say hello to chickens. They assume, of course, that if I am bringing a bowl out AND setting it down, it must be for them. This is Phyllis II on the right, an Ameraucana, and Verloe on the left, a Rhode Island Red.

Step Five: Say hello to Penny, and throw her Flying Squirrel twice. She wishes you’d throw it more than twice. How about a half hour’s worth? How about more than that? I will catch it every time, I will, I will! Promise her you will, but later.

One response to “Let’s go on a garden walk, part one

  1. Blackswamp_Girl

    Oooh… Oberon. I discovered that stuff last summer on a trip near to Sleeping Bear Dunes. Yummy.

    Glad that you had some time to putter and just be. That’s a necessity and a luxury all at the same time.

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