Words of others

I’m still doing lots of thinking, so instead of going completely dry here on the blog, I thought I would give you an article to read about the Fruit Belt. We live a paltry eight miles to the north of Benton Harbor, and almost every small business around here of longstanding either goes by Blossomtime X or Fruit Belt Y. And yes, I can easily buy cheap produce here…it’s one of the reasons we moved!

One response to “Words of others

  1. Interesting. Did you read the one at the bottom about the chef, Mario Batali, making his home up near Grand Traverse Bay? I printed both out to send to my Mom.

    I know of the roadside farmer stands. Whenever I’m up there, we always buy something at at least two or three of them. I love those stands. You don’t see many down here too much.

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