One Local Summer 2007: Week Six

Can’t you almost taste me?

I’m hoping the dog days of summer, and not the rigors of local eating, have affected people’s schedules out there, as I am missing a lot of fine Midwesterners this week. Sigh. I *know* cooking + hot weather are not the funnest combination. But just think of the bounty of produce out there just WAITING for you to eat it!

I found it hot this last week, too, so we made pizzas on the grill. They were so filling that I forgot both the salad in the refrigerator and the peaches ripening on the counter! The family didn’t seem to mind.

Phelan has been a busy bee, canning her little heart out. Though if you see this post, you may wonder if she’s got a touch of heatstroke, poor thing.

Matt has been busy canning, too. Here is his meal, better late than never.

Lucette shares an omelet and a salad this week for her meal. But it wasn’t just a salad; it was a metasalad, an ubersalad: a so-not-to-be-compared to iceberg and carrot shavings salad: check it out.

Ang the Farm Mom sang a little bit of Italian this week for her meal. And don’t you agree that eggplant goes with everything??

Evie is putting her tortilla press to good use again, this time for the pita for gyros! Doesn’t that look delicious?

Stacey has been busy, too, but you will simply love the photo she took of her late-night scramble of a meal.

Gina and her family are contemplating a move, AND she’s doing a lot of food processing now. But she did get a chance to prepare a meal this week on the 100 Foot Diet.

Jennifer made a quick fridge-to-skillet-to-plate meal this week that looks like it tasted quite yummy.

I know Kelly had some company coming, and decided grilled pizza sounded like a perfect crowd-pleaser…but I am not sure if she posted the meal in time. Go see her site anyway!

Joanna had a couple of locally-produced meals this week. She posts her lovely pasta/cherry tomato dish, but she really loved corn in the husk on the grill, the good Hoosier that she is!

Linda made a meal her grandmother served almost every Sunday. How wonderful that she is able to keep these traditions going! The one thing Linda admits, though, is she didn’t wring the chicken’s neck that morning, as her Grams would’ve done; she did it earlier this year.

E4 and Lori produced a meal that included one of their extra goats…or chevon, as they say. (Tomayto tomahto?) It certainly looked quite good!

Debbie made a meal that really looked great. She made a slaw and a risotto, and is still eating local cantaloupe, though she’s not particularly relishing the latter.

Norma Jean made burgers this week, and she was really excited for the leftovers she’d eat the next day. They also polished it off with some homemade beer. You should check her tip about what she plans on doing with her leftover burger, though!!

Becke made a lovely soup-and-a-sammie that probably made us all wish we lived closer to her! That corn chowder…mmm…

Manerva also made a sandwich for this week’s meal, even grinding the buns’ grain herself. I personally think arugula belongs with any sandwich in which mayo is used, don’t you?

Looking for something to do with all that corn? Kate (no pic this week, her little boy is sick) has given us a link to her CSA’s newsletter, where she got the recipe for corn risotto.

2 responses to “One Local Summer 2007: Week Six

  1. thanks for including me anyway! We did make grilled pizza and I truthfully drank a little too much wine (not local) and spent all day Sunday nursing a wee hangover. Also, the cheese was not local. And I forgot to take pictures. Ah well, week 7, here I come!

  2. I keep wanting to try pizza on the grill–I like your tip of doing one side and then adding toppings. That seems to make it less intimidating.

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