One Local Summer 2007: Week Six

Pizza on the grate

I had planned a more elaborate meal here at Old Vines, but somehow it is Canning Season so my culinary energies have been diverted.

We grilled pizzas last night for this week’s meal. Each of us has our own particular loves/hates as pizza toppings, so it is just as well that we made these individually. (Four things help the grilling process: 1. pizza dough is usually a sticky dough: either add more flour, OR coat the rounds with flour on both sides; 2. get a pizza grate; 3. liberally coat the grate with nonstick cooking spray, and 4. precook one side of the dough, then take it back inside and put the toppings on it.)

Dough made with local flour, nonlocal EVOO and salt

These were the potential toppings:

Tomato sauce from brand-spanking new tomatoes (Orange Banana, Black Russian, Riesentraube, Amish Paste)
Red or Sweet Onions
Minced garlic
Green or White peppers (sweet) or roasted Poblano pepper (zesty)
Roasted eggplant
Herbs (any combination of onion greens, basil, rosemary, marjoram, summer savory, oregano, arugula)
Homemade mozzarella (from organic Iowa milk, sigh, so not local but the sweat effort was local)
Sea salt and/or olive oil (obviously imports)

Other than the doughmaking and the chopping, this is a fairly unlaborious meal for the head chef; everything else is DIY…

Finished pizza. Note flour on crust.

7 responses to “One Local Summer 2007: Week Six

  1. That must have been FUN.

  2. That looks awesome.

  3. Yum! That’s what we’re making for our meal tomorrow night, even though we already had it once for OLS. We’re having company so will come up with lots of various toppings and some salady type things on the side. And homemade ice cream!

    My tummy’s growling as I sit here looking at your picture, though!

  4. That pizza looks superb, I love making home-made pizza.

  5. Yuuummmmm

  6. CC: I confess I make pizza a lot (monthly, maybe more) so a bit of the thrill may be gone.

    M: It was good. I am so glad to finally be getting tomatoes!

    Kelly: I remember well your OLS pizza: your dedicated roundup of goodies was admirable. (My roundup? Not so much!)

    Thanks, Rosemary. It sure beats the delivery stuff (not that I could get a pizza delivered to us in the hinterlands, but you know what I mean).

    Woody: thanks for stopping by. It WAS yummy.

  7. We pop the rolled out dough into the freezer to stiffen and place directly on grill.

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