One Local Summer 2007: Week Five

Welcome again to the Midwestern roundup of One Local Summer! We’ve just made it through Week Five, so we are halfway there. (Please don’t tell me summer is half finished though!)

At our house, it has been a busy week of canning things for the winter, so I made some chili and cornbread from local sources. Oh, and blueberries are almost finished for the season because of our drought, so I panicked and (eeks!) purchased 20 pounds.

Phelan just finished doing a 24 hour blogathon for Farm Aid. Whew! She posted something every half hour for the day, and she made some great stuff during that time. Check it out!

Matt treated his family to blue potatoes, which the kids loved, along with burgers this week.

Lucette is with me on the summer being NOT half over. She had a FEAST! Those mushrooms looked quite yummy.

Farm Mom Ang got to harvest her first and lonely eggplant this week! (Don’t worry, it won’t be her last.) She made her meal quickly, but it was delicious, so she proves that local doesn’t always mean slow.

AnnMarie is pulling in quite the harvest lately (even I haven’t tried to grow Yugoslavian finger fruit), thanks to a lot of rain.

Stacie also pulled off an eat-it-when-you’re-ready chili this week. Her boys helped shell the beans, too. Yum.

Guess what color the soup is when you make it out of white tomatoes? Jennifer will tell you!

Kelly’s meal this week was…interesting. Well, we can’t all be Top Chefs all the time! And frankly I think it’s great to tell of our successes and our, er, less than successes in this challenge.

Joanna’s tomatoes aren’t lasting long in her house! Go check out the meal she made this week, which included her first harvest.

Are you ready for this? Linda made…Watermelon gazpacho! I simply HAVE to try it; it looks so yummy.

E4 and Lori made some inspired barbecue this week, including the charcoal. Now, THAT is local eating!

Debbie’s local meal this week has been her local meal for days now. It’s inspired by an Indonesian dish!

Becke has been cooking lots lately, too. She made a stuffed pepper soup! It sounds very fall-like, actually.

Manerva has been dealing with hot weather lately, but that didn’t stop her from turning the oven on to make hamburger buns!

And Kate made some pesto! Please go take a look at her colorful meal here.

One response to “One Local Summer 2007: Week Five

  1. sugarcreekfarm

    Rats, I must not have made the deadline. Here is my meal for week 5. Hopefully we are thru the hectic part of the summer and I can get back to regular blogging 🙂

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