One Local Summer 2007: Week Four

Here is this week’s One Local (Midwestern) Summer roundup!

My daughter and I made some egg pasta with broccoli. I’m still getting lots of salad fixings out of the garden, but now other veggies are becoming available, too. And local wine, like any wine, certainly clouds my vision!

Phelan in Kansas missed last week, but this week proves that she is able to fix a mighty fine meal on what is simply available.

Matt in Iowa made quite a lot of things from local goodies this week. Frittatas are easy yet so tasty, so he shows us how.

Lucette in Ohio demonstrates the Exhausted People’s Dinner! For many of us, summer is the time of projects, and of course afterward nobody wants to cook.

Farm mom Ang in Michigan relied on Deborah Madison’s Local Flavors for her meal this week. (I can’t state enough how great Ms. Madison’s cookbooks are, but this one is WONDERFUL for farmer’s-market fixings.) I wished we lived closer, Ang, because I would’ve dropped by and asked for a bowl!

Frugalmom in Illinois and her family usually have pork on special occasions only. Well, Week 4 qualifies! It was worth the wait.

This is Mary’s first OLS meal. Her CSA has had harvest problems, and she has classes on Saturdays so she misses out on most farmer’s markets, poor thing! She has found another CSA to try, but luckily, she’s got one beautiful meal posted here. She lives in Ohio.

Evie in South Dakota made (and it was only a matter of time before SOMEONE in the midwest made it)…ratatouille! Her experience with local pasta was not so exciting, though.

Stacie in Illinois keeps finding more local farms! For this week, she’s found a source for organic chicken just 12 miles from her door.

Kelly is in Ohio, too. She craved borscht, and she and her daughter had a somewhat frazzled farmer’s market trip to get many of its ingredients. What she pulled together sounded really yummy.

Also in Ohio, Jennifer made a wonderful stew, all from her garden!

Pat is in Oklahoma. It’s been hot there, and she has had a busy summer. She had a salad, a huge one, out of her garden!

Linda is in Missouri. This week, almost everything came right from her farm, including her own chicken and eggs. She laments she can’t grow olive trees there, though! (Oh Linda, I swear olive oil is a food group in this house, I use it that much.)

Miranda in Minnesota made a crowd-pleasing meal with some of the bounteous corn available now.

Norma Jean is in St. Louis. Veggie sandwiches were on the menu this week, paired with some homebrew! (Hmmm. Beeeer….) SO: does anybody out there have any good ranch dressing recipes? Send them her way.

Manerva in Minnesota gets bonus points this week for posting not one meal but two. Two husband-approving meals, natch! She feels really happy about this, but she knows these days are fleeting, harvest-wise.

And finally, Kate in Wisconsin posted a picture on Flick*r of her meal. Calzones, people! And fava beans (my personal favorite). Yum.

3 responses to “One Local Summer 2007: Week Four

  1. These all look great! I got my (very simple) meal posted a little late last night, it’s here

  2. Sorry to miss you, Joanna.

    I try to round everyone up late on Sun. evenings…about 9 EST for those slowpokes ;D…but we went out last night to the movies so I only got those who posted before 6~!

    (I missed quite a few folks this week, it looks like…)

  3. El, I wanted to give you a head’s up. My one local summer post will be late. Blogger has decided that my blog is spam and has locked me out of it. They say it will take 2 days to unlock if they decide it isn’t spam. If I can I will get it up Friday night, if not it will be sunday evening, the blogathon starts saturday. Oh please be unlocked by then.

    I am a little ticked at blogger right now.

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