One Local Summer 2007: Week Three

HOT, hot and dry: who wants to cook in such weather? My prescription for eating this week was tapas, mostly made ahead of time, for this week’s OLS.

Matt mined the depths of Epicurious for inspiration. His kids took seconds, and even thirds, on some greenery! Success!

Lucette hit the farmer’s market, but she’s also getting lots of goodies out of her garden. Go see her meal here. And she is very close to having tomatoes!

Ang was a little disappointed by her hamburger buns, but her kids didn’t seem to agree with her. Practice makes perfect! And her squash is just beautiful.

Frugalmom was delighted by her grass-fed beef. Its leanness required a bit of a different cooking spin, but it was worth it.

Evie had an All-American meal of meat and potatoes this week. You HAVE to see what her husband cooked the meat on, though: he made it! Amazing. (If you’re ever in Michigan…)

Burgers seem to be all the rage this week: check out Stacie’s beautiful pic. She’s been having a hard time sourcing local flour. Isn’t that nuts, considering she lives in the Grain Belt?

Jennifer found it too hot to cook, too, so she relied on her microwave and her rice cooker for her meal. Her gardens are beginning to go into high gear, too.

Kelly hosted a potluck dinner this week. Though not 100% local, the spirit was definitely right, and, she notes, the part of the meal that DID fit the “rules” was certainly a meal in itself. She also found a source for local flour.

Joanna admits she dropped the ball this week, as it has been a crazy one. She’s packing local fare for her camping trip this weekend, though.

Pat also had burgers this week: made from buffalo! She also has some interesting observations about all this organic food.

Linda points out that there’s an unexpected upside to this local eating: no huge grocery bags to lug around! She is getting lots of stuff out of the garden now, and between her chickens and butter made from a neighbor’s cow, she’s saving lots of money, too.

Kelli tried out some of the Swiss chard she grew. She’s so far not convinced of its merits. Send recipes her way, people! Meat came from the back 40, and they made onion rings, too.

Lori and E4 had a quick and yummy meal this week from their farmer’s market goodies. Quick was key!

Miranda proves breakfast fare can be dinner fare too for this week’s meal. She made frittata and spuds.

Debbie followed Matt’s recipe (so, do you see how all this is catching? It’s his recipe from this week!) with the kid-friendly greenery. Yum.

Norma Jean hit the farmer’s market big time this week. She and her husband are completely enjoying this challenge, and are considering expanding their gardens even further next year to help in their quest for local food.

Becke went all vegetarian on us for this week’s meal. It was inspired by a side dish at a barbecue joint and was served up with a bit of POW!

Manerva has been eating local for a while now, as she doesn’t get off her farm often! This week’s meal was a simple and satisfying one, but she served it with some local wine.

3 responses to “One Local Summer 2007: Week Three

  1. Inspiring and wonderful, El. I love it. Playing along as best I can in less than ideal circumstances. But it’s the pragmatic side of the project that I LOVE! Find it, prepare it, eat it! (I, too, saw the faintest pink blush on a tomato yesterday…)

  2. Sorry I missed this week. I will make it up shortly.

  3. Jo: you have a lot on your plate (figuratively speaking!!) so I am glad to hear you’re playing along. It’s fun. I envy your access to dairy.

    Phelan, you’ve had a rough week, you poor thing. Your tomatoes looked beautiful, though. I hope to read about your meal when you get a chance.

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