One Local Summer: Week Three

I forgot to grab the focaccia

It’s HOT, people! Like, over 90* hot, which is a rarity in these parts.

I had friends coming for dinner on Wednesday night, and I certainly didn’t want to be doing much cooking. So, my answer? TAPAS.

Unlike the Spanish fare, which mostly features the salty versus the sweet versus the piquant, this meal was lots of salad-based grub, all either from the garden or from the farm stand down the road.

Local cheeses (camembert, gouda)
Rosemary focaccia (local flour, my herbs, olive oil/salt were imports)
Cucumber/dill “salad” (Telegraph cukes, dill, honey, water and homemade red wine vinegar)
Corn frittata with smoked gouda (Sauteed corn on the barbie: cut first, cooked in fajita pans on grill Tues. night; tossed with local cheese and garlic scapes and our girls’ eggs)
Two Beet caviar (chopped beets, bibb lettuce, last of the feta, red onion, my vinegar)
Sagey baked beans (last year’s cranberry beans, sage, honey, salt, parsley)
Big salad (lots of stuff is bolting!!! Eeks.)
Fruit salad (cherries, peaches, plums, blueberries from down the road)
Wine from Round Barn and St. Julian

I’m indebted to Deborah Madison for many of these recipes and ideas.

8 responses to “One Local Summer: Week Three

  1. That looks fabulous. What a great idea. If I entertained more, I could use a lot more vegetables. I grappled my first potato last night! How exciting! It wasn’t very big though. I’m hoping there are bigger ones under there.

  2. The County Clerk

    Food. Everyone seems to be involved with it. Hmmmn. It is like the new rage.

    I’ll have to try some of this stuff.

  3. mmmm looks great. Is that some local wine as well?

  4. You mean you forgot to “grabble” the foccacia. 😀

    Two remarks:
    1) Excelente, fabuloso!
    2) I’m indebted to Deborah Madison, period.

  5. Looks like a fabulous meal!

  6. M, I trust there are many big potatoes in your future. And when’s your party?

    Hank, you’ve been sleeping for the last 15 years or so?

    BB! Welcome back! I hope your move went well. And of course it’s local wine, silly! There are two wineries in my dumb little town, and another 15 or so in a 20-mile radius.

    CC: LOVE DM. Can’t say it enough: that woman can cook, but better yet, she can ‘splain how.

    Christa, it was good. The corn frittata, especially, was a huge hit.

  7. AnimalTrailsCeuvreExposeeOfReviews

    Recipes made with veggies from the garden are always the best.

    You can find more recipes at .

    Shannon Bridget Murphy

  8. This looks like a party I’d like to be invited to.
    I’m also a D Madison fan–I just got a great copy of the hardback version of The Savory Way at an auction to add to my Madison collection.

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