Friday panic

Dang, I have been so busy, I’ll just let the picture do the work for me today.

3 responses to “Friday panic

  1. The County Clerk

    Wow. There are a lotta words in that photo.

    Summertime. And the living is easy.

    Very nice. I’d guess that particular flower is probably about as tall as your small one. I guess the little gardener (and chicken keeper) is just loving life these days, huh?

  2. That winged critter is not going to be catching a cold, no sir.

  3. Hank, we’re all enjoying this summer thusfar. The girl loves it, too, but I of course am a hardass mom who forces her outside in all seasons! (There’s lots to see all year, y’know.) The coneflower is not too tall yet; this is its second season. I should probably move it as they are space-hogs.

    CC: Nay. There are lots of them around this year; I spooked about a dozen taking a drink from the kiddie pool on Tuesday.

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