GO MIDWEST! Lots of great goodies for Week One

Go meet some hot Midwestern cooks! These happy folks have completed Week One of One Local Summer.

ME, for one. I completely cheated this week as today is my birthday (yes you can send gifts if you like, or at least sing) and we actually splurged last night for a yum-licious meal at a local restaurant that features local artisanal food AND wine. In one simple meal I supported something like seven farmers, which is something I doubt I will be able to claim the rest of the summer.

Don’t ask Phelan about the poor quality of her photo, but her meal sounds great. She is homesteading with her three boys, husband, scores of critters and one mean donkey in Kansas.

Matt in Iowa is generously acting as a subset to the Midwest (I know Iowa is big, Matt, but really) and the OLS challenge in general by being the catch-all to folks who didn’t make our sign-up deadline in time. His site has loads of local food he likes, so if you’re ever in I-o-way…

Lucette and her husband are in Cleveland. Check out her cookbook-crazed blog and her local meal; there’s lots to see. Venison burgers and homemade strawberry ice cream…that sounds good to me!

Fellow Michigander Ang (Farm Mom) made up some wonderful grub this week. She had BOTH asparagus and morels so it was quite the ode to spring! Sigh; asparagus, sigh. Morels. SIGH!

FrugalMom lives in Illinois and is on the path to simple living. One of the fun things about this challenge is finding out how to cook previously unknown items like kohlrabi. She whipped up something good with it!

Evie in South Dakota made her family taco salad for her first meal. Before you say “Hmm, tacos” I’ll mention here that she made the tortillas herself AND served them with buffalo meat! She’s been known to see bison out home on the range when she’s running down her country roads.

AnnMarie has been practicing her local meals for a while now with lots of raids from her garden. She and her husband are following a path of simple living. She did the challenge last summer, too! She’s a Cheesehead, er, Wisconsinite. I envy her access to dairy. She envies my access to peaches. The grass is always greener…

Stacie is a laugh riot, IMHO; she and her husband and two young boys are in rural Illinois. This is her second summer of doing the OLS challenge; she’s a great cheerleader of the idea because, well, after doing the legwork, local eating is simply now what they do! There’s no turning back…

Gina and her husband homestead in Indiana with their two young boys. They have tomatoes already, so I am exceedingly jealous!

Jennifer calls her blog DisOrganization but dang, she even published the recipe for HER first meal. She’s in southern Ohio.

Kelly and her family are also in Ohio. She grilled up some pizzas for their first meal. What’s telling about her post is how hard she tried to source out local stuff, even going so far as to hopefully reduce her food miles for next time. (Hey, that’s the fun part of the game!)

Joanna is a newlywed and newbie cook in Indiana. She fixed up brats in beer for her first meal! Yowza.

Pat is in Oklahoma and for her challenge, she decided OK was OK for her definition of “local.” She’s a mostly sci-fi writer who lives with her three kids and hubby.

Linda in Missouri is homesteading and grandkid-adoring with her husband, with whom she built their home. She made a lick-your-plate-clean meal this week!

Eric and Lori are doing the homestead thing in Ohio with their twins. Their meal sounds quite yummy!

Miranda is in Minnesota. She’s looking to lighten her footprint on this earth with her husband and five kids. Check out her site; you’ll learn a lot! The first week of the challenge was Italian Night and she made some ravioli.

Debbie is in Iowa, trying hard to simplify her life through cooking. There is truth to that, really there is. She got goodies from both her CSA and her farmer’s market for her meal.

Jennifer is in Madtown. (That’s the capitol of Wisconsin for you non-Wisco-savvy types.) You will have to go to Flick*r to see a pic of her meal, but it sounded pretty good to me.

NormaJean is in St. Louis with her husband, and she secretly hopes to one day be a farm girl. (Be careful what you wish for, NJ, is all I can say.) Her weeks have been crazy lately but she’s still taking stabs at the challenge.

Becke is happily devouring her way through Ohio via Columbus. That sounds like a laudable goal, right? Come on go check out this foodie’s yummy site. She made a favorite of hers for the challenge with all local ingredients, and it came out great!

Manerva is in Minnesota and much of what she eats she grows herself. She and her husband have a huge pack of animals on their acreage. Here’s her first meal (and no it was NOT chicken, so they’re all still happy).

We have a blog-less participant. Kate’s also in Madtown, and she, her hubby and baby boy are also backyard chicken wranglers! She “had a homemade pizza with crust made from half locally grown wheat flour, canned tomato sauce from a local farm (Tomato Mountain), Wisconsin mozzarella, and oregano/basil from our backyard garden. Also a side of broccoli from a local farm.” Sounds great!

I hope you all enjoyed Week One! There are some great ideas out there…

10 responses to “GO MIDWEST! Lots of great goodies for Week One

  1. Wow! What a great write up! It must be a lot of work for you to keep up with all those people!! You did a great job though.

  2. Happy Birthday To You…OK I won’t sing anymore- the dogs are starting to look at me funny!

    Great write up though- it’s fun to see this many great people come together!

  3. Bravo! Brava! All of you.

  4. Happy birthday! šŸ™‚ The Journeyman looks incredibly YUM. What didja have?

    Thanks so much for your stellar roundup this week… so far above and beyond what I expected (or deserved). Thanks! xo

  5. linda (aka walkabout) from Missouri

    Happy Birthday,

    Thank you for all the nice write-ups and the time it took to gather.

    I got my dates mixed up and I’m a week ahead on OLS,lol but I have had two good weeks of eating local : ) this is fun and I’m enjoying all the other blogs as well. Happy 4th of July too. thanks again tc linda

  6. The County Clerk

    Hey! Happy birthday!

    I’d sing. If I could.

    Have a great day!

  7. Blackswamp_Girl

    Happy Birthday, El! A local-food-oriented restaurant sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. šŸ™‚

  8. Ang, I went back to check and YOUR link was the only one that didn’t work…so sorry! (It’s okay now though)

    Manerva, I’m glad to have found you through OLS. And those poor dogs!

    CC: (takes bow) merci

    Liz: I SO felt like I was breaking the OLS rules, but dang, it was good eating. I had pea soup, greens, and ricotta gnocchi with more peas. Tom had cucumber soup, greens, and a pizza. Local wine from 2 miles away (Fenn Valley); berry cobbler. We’ll be back.

    Linda: Thanks! Happy fourth to you too! (As a little kid of course I thought the fireworks were for ME but they just got the date wrong šŸ˜€ )

    Hank: Thanks! Thinking of you as my digitalis are all blooming now.

    Kim: Thanks! It was really tasty.

  9. Belated birthday wishes!

    Your (and the midwests) summer eating looks very fine indeed.

  10. Thanks, Nada!

    You must be heavy into Bread And Soup Season. (yum.)

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