Thoughts on favorites

I love gold

So if I were to be single-minded about this gardening thing, I would have an all-gold flower bed. Gold is a tough color, though; it easily slips into yellow, so I probably would be left with the above, and some helianthus and maybe a rudbeckia or two. Maybe a sunflower, maybe some ubiquitous Stella D’Oro hemerocallus. As it is, I am simply more of a packrat, beds-wise. No monomania here.

One response to “Thoughts on favorites

  1. Annie in Austin

    If you ever try to make that bed, El, there are some tall Aurelian Trumpets [lilium] that are true gold. I think the one I grew in IL was ‘Royal Gold’. If I remember correctly there was a Clematis durandii nearby as well as Rudbeckia ‘Herbstonne’… a rather powerful combination.

    I keep trying to find lemony yellows like Coreopsis Creme Brulee, but many other yellows turn our too gold. Guess we should just be appreciative of the amazing color discerning ability of our eyes~

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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