On flower gardens

The belladonna delphiniums are blooming

I realized what purpose my flower gardens serve for me.

When our first batch of chicks was small, it was such a delight to watch them, mainly because of the contrast with the mix of feelings I felt for my own chick, who was a little over two at the time. Not that babies/toddlers/small children aren’t fun if they’re yours, they’re a delight, but there’s always a bit of heightened awareness mixed in with your observation of their play. Not anxiety, exactly; it’s just…mothering, I suppose. With the chicks it was simply (grandparental) fun.

The flowers? No anxiety, just delight. The vegetables, on the other hand…

3 responses to “On flower gardens

  1. The County Clerk



  2. Stunning blue color. Love those delphiniums…

  3. Hank: just think what awaits your return.

    Christa: thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I love your site.

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