Chick pics

Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of chickens?

I had Tom chase them around with his camera yesterday. I wanted to show you how big the chicks and guinea keets had gotten, but they weren’t cooperating. (Everybody freeranges all day now.) The only one who was a ham was Bonnie, and that’s only because she thought he had food.

5 responses to “Chick pics

  1. Nice pic…I never get enough of seeing chicken pics and hearing about their adventures. Can’t wait till we have some someday!

  2. My buff orpington FINALLY started to lay! We’ve had 4 eggs since last Saturday, so she seems to be surpassing the predictions for her breed. We lost her 2 sisters to raccoons, but have improved our security since, so I think she’ll be fine. How ’bout that wind the other day??

  3. Robbyn, it’s so great to have you back amongst us again!

    Artemisia, I am so sad about your other two girls. Will the last girl need a friend…I heard they are very social creatures. But I am glad to hear she’s laying, finally. Yay. Yeah, the wind was a bit of a drag, but we flew kites again…

  4. Chicken pictures are difficult. LIttle buggers just won’t sit still. Your guineas look cute though. They have such a funny little shape.

  5. I love the pics of them running away! Those white legs in contrast to the others, it’s just too cute.

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