Check this out

I told you this clay soil was tough! It snapped off a tine of my three-tine cultivator yesterday. Granted, this tool is older than Methusela and it also hasn’t rained in a while. But still. (And the tool still works; I just have to jiggle it differently now.)

7 responses to “Check this out

  1. Oh my. That is some difficult soil. Do you have problems with perennials coming back? I have a few clayey areas that are flowerbeds and quite a few perennials don’t make it.

  2. Hmm. I don’t know. Though I have noticed that the perennials that self-seeded readily in my city garden really don’t get much of a toehold here (which is fine; how much phlox does one need, really?). I have wondered if it was due to my compulsive mulching or if it was the clay. The clay would make sense because the top few inches get really hard when it dries out so seedlings don’t have much of a chance.

  3. The County Clerk

    Too funny.

    You have “jiggle it differently.”

    I understand COMPLETELY.

    The think broke huh?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or empathize (I’m laughing).

  4. Goodness! I did some digging today and the top of the ground has hardened into a thick and horrible crust and the underneath is completely compacted. Horrible to work in! I sympathise deeply with you 🙂

  5. Well, better the tool than your ulna.
    But, still!

  6. What a lovely old tool, too. Such a shame.

  7. Hank, and everyone else, I thought it was just plain funny. Yes, I felt bad that it’d broken, but it is still usable, as I mentioned.

    It made the most marvelous PING when it broke. Unfortunately, I (mis)spent much of my youth on a golf course, and yes, that sound reminded me SO much of the perfect chip shot. Who knew golf was such great prep for being a gardener.

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