I could stare at this all day.

The tulip season is on the downslide. I think Tom did very well in his selections. I sent him here last fall with a hasty list (species, Kaufmans, Darwins) and just enough information to know that parrot = good.

5 responses to “Tulips

  1. Very pretty. I love tuplips. They are over here and I feel like I didn’t really enjoy them enough. Not one vase of tulips were cut and brought inside. The poet’s daffodils are in bloom finally now and I must cut some of them before they too disappear.

  2. Gosh, that is very pretty. I’d love to have flowers in my garden. Maybe next year. I’m doing really well with my first veggie garden and so far, I’ve killed nothing. Boosts my confidence for some flowers down the line.

  3. The County Clerk


    I could look at it all day too.

    Tom did good indeed!

  4. Aren’t tulips fantastic? Ours are all finished and sold now and the garden looks so monochrome now,

    Beautiful photo


  5. O. M. G.

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