A good forage

This morning Tom and I went over to the burned-out asparagus farm. It made me sick, that devastation, that…stupidity that is arson. (I will probably blather on further about the house itself and what we found in another post.)

It occurred to me that the kid is getting big and it would be kind of a pain (and also dangerous) to drag her over to this land. Then it occurs to me (DING!) that we should go when she is at school. This is a mindshift, I will have you know. The kid goes everywhere with us; she’s like an appendage. We use most “adventures” as learning experiences. There was lots to see, lots to eat at this farm.

But the asparagus was just beginning to ripen, and only in the areas closest to the house. Another week or two and it will be Extreme Pig-Out Season. Yums.

And of course I brought my buckets and trowels. The haul today was sedum, iris and (ta-da!!) rhubarb. Oh and those lovely spears.

3 responses to “A good forage

  1. That is awesome. Fresh asparagus rules. YOu should dig a lot up and supplement your own bed. You know it will probably just be scraped off eventually and developed with houses.

  2. farmer, vet and feeder of all animals

    Good haul!
    I have tried Rhubarb twice here–no luck even though they say I can with partial shade. Wish I could though.
    I agree with meresy: dig all the asparagus (and the other plants) up since the next person/builder may not care about it. If nothing else: give the new owner some if they show interest later on.

  3. You know what, Meredith and Monica, I would guess it would be one long-ass time before this farmstead changes hands. I think the heirs of the guy who last farmed it are only interested in it as a dump ground for their stuff. Personally, I cannot imagine paying taxes on that much land (about 100 acres) and not live there, and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine how much money one could make on it by slicing it up. I feel it will all lead up to the rant I have in my head about it and the other 3 farmhouses on my five-corner corner of the world. One’s burned to the ground, one may as well be, one is limping along, and then there’s ours.

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