A good day to be young

The plum tree is blooming. All is right in this world.

It was a big day for the babies of this household yesterday. The baby chicks, who are now rather young pullets, are now in with the big girls in their coop at night. I think they had an okay night, though the little ones can’t quite fly up to the top roost yet. And I looked at the forecast and found that overnight lows for the foreseeable future would be in the mid-40s, so I started hardening off all those seedling babies. As they had lived in the unheated front porch for the majority of their existence, this new chilliness would not be too hard on them. All that light, rain, and wind, though, will be a bit of a shock. I will still be dragging the peppers/eggplants (one flat) and the cardoons, artichokes, sea kale and angelica in for the nights. Those tomatoes, though, need to get used to it. Tough love!

I plan on doing some planting this weekend, mainly of more salad stuff and a second round of peas/favas. And POTATOES. How could I forget.

Oh, and the other baby was in pig heaven yesterday when she got home from school. The whole field on the side of our house was filled with dandelions…it’s the only time of year I think they’re pretty, frankly. There were grape hyacinths that had naturalized too. So I have a very large very complementary vaseful in front of me today.

2 responses to “A good day to be young

  1. I agree with you that dandelions look pretty this time of year. I let them live for now. As long as they are in the lawn. Garden? Flowerbeds? Not pretty. What kind of plum? My peach trees are over and the apples are blooming now. I need a plum tree. Maybe a pear as well.

  2. El,
    Great to meet another Michigan gardener. After I read your comment on my blog last night I came “visiting” you, and your archives. I found myself chuckling at the similarities. I too have clay soil, tomato stealing chickens, a penchant for growing armies of squash bugs but no luck with melons. I particularly enjoyed your comments on the local peach festival. North of us is a hamburger festival and a fish sandwish festival I’ve been told! šŸ™‚ I think Small Town USA enjoys any excuse to put up a beer tent. Last summer we were driving through a small town that hailed a weiner festival!! Complete with little banners on each lightpost with a little weiner guy smiling and waving, he even had the weiner tied ends. (And yes, that one between the legs was rather umm….suggestive!:)The mind boggles at what sort of events were scheduled.
    I’m very glad you came by my blog said Hi and I’m looking forward to reading more from your very enjoyable blog!

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