We’re going on a trip to be at the opening for Tom’s next show. (His work is also on view here. One of his pieces is also in this month’s Harper’s Magazine.) We haven’t hit the old stomping grounds of Minneapolis since we moved from there a bit over two years ago, strange, but true. It should be fun. I am, however, faced with the typical farmgirl dilemma:

how can I leave my babies?

By babies I don’t mean the one I gave birth to, as she of course will be with us. Nor do I mean those baby chicks, the big chickens, the sheep, the kitties or the hyperneurotic superbonded dog. I mean, of course, my seedlings!!!

I think there is absolutely NO good time to go away from the farm, except maybe the icy throes of mid-January when it’s too early to seed-start, too late to garden.

I guess it’s a good thing I love to be home. We’ll see you in a week!

6 responses to “Vacation

  1. The County Clerk

    Have a great trip. I love what your husband does with books. I hope the show is hugely succesful and you all ahve a nice time.

  2. Your seedlings are adorable – I love your pictures. Mine reside in trays under grow lights at the moment. Next week, I have to leave mine for 5 days and I am getting worried. They are like little babes …

    Hope you had a good trip and that the show was successful.

    I like reading your blog … you are in my ‘playing in the dirt’ links.

  3. Enjoy the trip! The babies will be fine…right?
    I really like what you shared of your H’s art, too. For many reasons.
    I’m smack between you and MN. Swing by for a cuppa coffee on your way home! 🙂

  4. farmer, vet and feeder of all animals

    I know what you mean about leaving! Hope you have a good trip and your babies are o.k. when you get home. Have fun!

  5. Have a great and safe trip! Hope the show’s a great success 🙂

  6. Crunchy Chicken

    Can someone come by and check on them for you while you are gone?

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