Slippery slope time

As the ground is still frozen and I am housebound, I thought I would ask you all a question that’s tangentially farm-related.

I recently purchased this saltcellar, and it is causing me great worry.

It is highly unusual for me to purchase anything; I am most definitely not a shopper. I never feel bitten by that “gotta have it” bug with the exception, maybe, of things for the farm. Yes, you could say this little (and I mean little: it’s less than 3″ high/wide) is somewhat farm-related; we’re chicken keepers, after all. It has utility, and it will be well-used, as we love our sea salt here. But I am distressed nonetheless.

And I really don’t mean to offend my relations and friends and any of you by saying this, but is this the straw? That breaks my back? That makes me a purchaser of All Things Chicken? Because though I understand the desire to collect things, I really do not understand the…need? desire? to…well. To decorate for every holiday!!! I am really concerned that the purchase of this small thing will lead me to start decorating my house for every (and I mean every) holiday. My mother is at this moment probably gathering all the storage boxes labeled EASTER right now, and into them will go all the rabbits and eggs and all ephemera that she has seen and somehow said “gotta have it.”

Should I be concerned?

12 responses to “Slippery slope time

  1. That’s how it starts … “It’s only one widdle chicken!”

  2. Be concerned. Be VERY concerned.

    You won’t go there, but be concerned anyway, because that will keep you vigilant. And you will be very choosy about your chicken paraphernalia. I have not yet bought any, but I have relatives who do that for me. G’bless them, but really.

    And who’s to say you have to limit it to chickens? What about vegetables?

  3. That El, she loves her chickens.
    “Hey, look in that tourist shop – a glittery sweatshirt with a picture of a chicken on it: I’d better get one for El!”
    As soon as Precious Moments makes a sad-eyed, big-foreheaded chicken figurine, I’m sending it to you.

  4. Yep, its the other people you have to watch out for.
    One chicken is “only one widdle chicken”; 2 is a collection; 3 and you deserve all the chicken themed rubish you receive!

  5. I went down that road a little while, only it was the rabbit version. Then somehow I must have accidentally led a relative to believe that I was collecting everything themed watermelon.

    I have to tell you though, at first glace, after viewing the last post, I was a bit worried that the chickens had become frozen in ice too.

  6. Why be so rough on yourself? If this glass chicken gave you pleasure when you first saw it, what’s the harm done (unless it was an antique & cost you an arm & a leg)? Whatever floats your boat, I say.

  7. Thank you all, really.

    What happened was we moved back here and, well, for the first time in 20+ years, I am seeing relatives for more than just the December holidays. (Who KNEW St. Patrick’s Day was such a big deal, China-made tchotchkes-wise.) So I asked my mom “hey what gives with all the crap,” as she’s really not a glittery-sweatshirt kind of girl, as Phil mentioned. She said it just kind of happened.

    Now, here’s my history with her: on my discovering my first gray hair at the tender age of 22, my mother’s response to my shock and indignation was, “Well, dear, did you think it WOULDN’T happen to you?” And I guess I am keeping this in mind, or will be, if the second piece of chicken paraphernalia darkens my doorstep!

  8. Ha. I came in from fieldwork on Friday and discovered a glass ‘hen on nest’ on my office chair from some anonymous donor. I confess to owning a few chicken things. Two things I bought. One was bought by my husband (a rooster to replace the one we had to give away). But the family on the other hand has given me a suncatcher, a windchime, and a garden flag in the last 6 months. Okay, enough. No more. So it is good that you are vigilant. It can easily get out of control.

  9. Enjoy your salt cellar. Until you’re old enough the doc puts you on a no-salt diet…or till you’ve decided you’ve just GOT to have that two-storey inflatable chicken yard decoration…heh heh heh 😉

  10. Crunchy Chicken

    All things chicken? I have no problem with that.

  11. Ha! I have a related problem: My mother, who is a “many-holiday-themed-labeled-storage-box” kinda person, has latched onto the chicken knicknack idea for ME: every Christmas, at least, has been fraught with chicken stuff for me and hubby. I try to accept it graciously, as I know it’s her way to show love and to try to understand us (she has no idea what else to buy, really), but EEEEK! Beware the chicken knicknacks!

    Good to know I’m not the only non-decorating, trinket adverse person out there that sprang from a trinket heavy family! Good luck with the fight.

  12. AHHH knicknacks!! run and hide. I just can not abide a knicknack. I just see it as another thing to pick up and dust when I’m cleaning. Now a saltcellar isn’t really a knicknack, as long as you put salt in there and use it. If its on the shelf next to a barn yard full of saltcellars then its a knicknack.

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