But the calendar says…

Another frozen thing

I certainly hope that Spring plans to make at least a brief visit to Southwest Michigan this year.

5 responses to “But the calendar says…

  1. farmer, vet and feeder of all animals

    AND—I hope there is some redemption in all this late frost!
    Even here in the south–we are having the same problem—just not quite as snowy as yours is. Still many a frozen bud here—our pecans will probably not have pecans this year—first time I can remember something like that.

  2. the County Clerk

    that ice might save the fruit though

    but i’m dreaming, it’s too cold

  3. It will come – and maybe soon. Here in MN we’re supposed to hit 60 by Sunday (with sun all weekend!) Weather moves from west to east, so hopefully we can send our sun and warmth directly to you.

  4. You will probably go straight from winter right to summer! That ice, scary looking stuff in April.

  5. It’s one crazy, crazy year.

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