Woe the snow

Out the living room window at 8 this morning

Argh. The chickens don’t want to come out of their coop. All the bulb flowers are flattened. And me? I have a doctor’s appointment. (I’m one of those people who sees a doctor only when I am at death’s door.)

3 responses to “Woe the snow

  1. Crunchy Chicken

    Yikes. Well, good luck at the doctor’s I hope you are feeling better. I’m just coming off of some 2 week crud so I know how you feel.

  2. Oh man, I haven’t been around the past few days, and didn’t know you were sick. I hope you’re better SOON! If I were a neighbor, I’d ply you with homemade chicken soup till you cried mercy. Take care, El, and bundle up in something really warm. Sending a prayer and hot tea vibes your way…

    The snow’ll be gone soon 🙂

  3. I was wondering how far south the snow went….

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