Happy hatch day to the girls

We’ve been chicken owners for a year now. Boy, are they funny. I’m so glad we have them.

We just got back from a trip to the other side of the state. That zone thing must mean something, because the trees are budding out here yet life was still mostly dormant out the windscreen. Here, the magnolias are blooming. The woods all of a sudden has a dimension to it that indicates distance. The monochromacy of winter and summer don’t show this distance; it’s only the transition seasons of spring and fall where you can tell the short and the long. I feel hemmed in in the summer, and rather exposed in the winter because of it. Early spring feels pretty okay, though!

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  1. Love the chick pics!

  2. Went to a “Small Animal Swap” at the Kankakee County Fairgrounds & came home with 3 Buff Orpington pullets just as sweet as they can be. You should see the cool chicken coop my nephew made out of a modified old upright chest of drawers, & a totally enclosed chicken wire run for the hens. Everything is recycled or made from found objects & looks very organic. I haven’t had chickens in years & feel fortunate to have my nephew staying with me & going to school, as he grew up always having chickens, rabbits & horses where he lived in Oaxaca, Mexico. The “girls” are about 4 months old & already like huge balls of golden fluff. It’s going to be nice to have fresh eggs at our house once again. Gosh, I love stuff like this!

  3. is that a white arucana (well, amerarucana)??

    i have an all white one and she looks just like her.

  4. Thanks, Robbyn!

    Artemisia, that is so wonderful! You’re fortunate to have that nephew of yours. And buff Orphingtons are such pretty birds, and frost-hardy, too. I hope they’re as sweet as they look. You’ll probably have to wait a month or two for eggs yet, but 3 is a great number to keep you supplied.

    And Rooster, yes, Maudie is an Ameraucana. Does your girl also have blue stockings and chipmunk cheeks?

  5. It was my chickens birthday over the weekend as well. A whole year! I bought them as two day old chicks and how they’ve grown. Very glad that I made that deicision. It has been a positive experience.

  6. yep, she has greenish legs and crazy sideburns!

    i wasn’t sure what she was until she began laying blue eggs.

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