Back to spring

The promise of bigger things: delphinium and parrot tulips

It’s going to be a lot colder today. I’m kind of glad: instasummer was rather distracting. Also, cooler temperatures keep those spring blooms from fading.

I am actually a little relieved the weather has turned for the school’s sheep’s sake. (Try saying that fast.) Poor baa-baas, under their thick wool coats. I am not sure when they get sheared. Maybe when they go to their summer pasture? I’m going to have to find out. As it is, I was seriously looking at sheep-shearers for my horticultural trimmings…maybe they could serve double duty.

Factoid: did you know that sheep hoover up their water? I guess I thought they would be more like dogs and cats and lap up the wet stuff, but no. A much more dainty slurping is what they do.

6 responses to “Back to spring

  1. Yes, instasummer was distracting. It was 79 degrees here yesterday. I left work early (it is an unwritten rule that the first day it gets above 75 I’m goin home)and worked outside and almost was sweaty. In march. strange. I love your froggy pictures. I really do need a pond.

  2. The County Clerk

    I love this time of year… the new sprouts and surprises.

    I love the delphinium peaking out.

    It is going to be a good summer!

  3. farmer, vet and feeder of all animals

    El: The sheep kind of roll their tongue into an almost straw like shape. Neat huh.
    We’ve already had 82 here—yuk! It’s like it’s June already. I don’t care if it gets cooler (well maybe a bit cooler would be nice)—but I do want some more rain.
    Delphiniums—pretty. One of my favorites.

  4. I’m also happy that we are starting to have cooler temps. I also did not like “insta-summer”!

  5. It’s been in the 80s here for several weeks, and looks like it’s not going downward again any time soon. Look for me to be a bit cranky as it soars over that soon. At least that’m my official excuse, and I’m sticking to it…ha!

    I didn’t know sheep could roll their tongues. I know some people can and some can’t. Looks like I’m a sheep, heh heh. El, how neat that you can spend time with the school’s sheep. How many do they have, and what sort? Are you the one who takes care of them?

    (Lucky!!!!) 🙂

    Enjoy the delphiniums. I’m partial to them, especially the darkest purply-blue sort.

  6. Hi all

    This particular patch of delphiniums are a very light purple without a hint of magenta in them at all. Very pretty, even if I don’t particularly like purple.

    It’s down to the 50s for highs around here…much more typical (and it’s a better pace, I think).

    There are two sheep, Robbyn, but I am not sure what their breed is, and one is a mix. Lucky me, it is just me and the kids who care for the girls. I of course have an eye on their poop (selfish motive). They’re a mom and daughter; they’re a bit older (7 and 5).

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