Aren’t I handsome? One of 16 in the fish–er, frog pond this morning

Three days of high, summer-like temperatures and the world is verdant.

Our power was out this morning for a while (!!) so I spent a sweaty couple of hours turning compost, weeding and, in general, getting dirty. It beats working.

4 responses to “Errbit

  1. Crunchy Chicken

    Cool frog shots! I’m glad to see there are still some frogs left in the U.S. that aren’t growing extra legs.

  2. They are beautiful and to know they are “real” photos is even better.

    One of my favorite children’s books are the Frog and Toad are friends series.

  3. How neat! don’t you love their serenade at night, too?

    When I moved to FL 2 years ago, I’d never really been around frogs. I was amazed when the little peeper type tree frogs would be on all our windows, sticking there with their little suction feet, catching flying things and singing to us.

    I smiled when you said turning compost and weeding beat working! LOL the opposite of how folks who dont love that would define it…you’re exactly right!

  4. Aren’t they fun?

    I dug the pond a year ago. It’s not very big: maybe 12’l x 4’w x 3’d, in a Y-shape. We were very surprised when a frog showed up, as it had hopped a long way…like, 1000′ or so from the nearest wetland. How in the world did it find it, I wondered. But hop it did, and was soon joined by lots of friends. I think the most we counted in there last summer were 30.

    We even saw them on warm days in December. Then they popped up again two weeks ago when the ice thawed.

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