Small signs

Chervil perking back up

We haven’t been able to go over to the burned-out farmhouse yet; our kid has been sick so we felt it wouldn’t be fun for her, even if she were in the backpack. I will be very curious to see what remains, as that fire was huge and took about 5 hours to put out. The largest trees in the area had shaded that house. It would be another kind of loss if those white pines and sycamore and oaks died, too.

But back to life, and the living. I am beginning to notice that some things are beginning to grow. Many of the hundreds of bulbs I had planted had spookily started poking up in December, barely a month after they’d been in the ground. They seemed to reach some kind of plant limbo until this week. The crocus are blooming, but I won’t bore you with pics of them. We’re easing into spring, day by day.

4 responses to “Small signs

  1. There’s something about seeing bits of green showing that does the heart good.

    The pics of the house on fire were incredible to see. What a tragedy … I hope the trees survived!

  2. No green here yet. I wonder if I’ll remember what it looks like when I do see it. 😉

    I don’t know what’s sadder: old houses like that being set ablaze or dying a long, slow death and collapsing back into the earth. We see *a lot* of the latter up here.
    Fingers crossed that the trees weren’t too close to the house. Doesn’t sound too good.

  3. Seeing more and more green daily does help one’s psyche, Kate.

    And Liz, you’ll remember what to do. I weeded yesterday and though it took a while to “get it,” you do.

    I am sure to have a whole rant about abandoned houses. Especially when people are somehow convinced that new=best. Makes me NUTS. But if I let that secret out, I suppose I would be out of work, as designing high-end housing is how I pay the bills…

  4. Get with the times. It isn’t ‘old houses’ anymore. Somehow the home building industry has dropped “used” homes and “previously owned” homes into our lexicon to make them seem not as good as a “new” house. Sad when a solid framed farmhouse with a stone foundation is likened to a 88 corolla.

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