Ah, what promise the first big warmup of spring.

1. Unplug the de-icer on the pond
2. Plug in the pond pump
3. Unplug the heated dogbowl in the chicken coop
4. Pull up all the throw rugs in the basement in case there’s a flood (I don’t like walking on cold concrete so I put cotton rugs down)
5. Make sure the gutters are clear

6. Watch the chicks. This is a great way to spend your time. Better than meditation: you just sit and watch them doing their chick-y business, scratching, pecking, flapping their wings, sleeping…

3 responses to “Thaw!

  1. It is in the 50s here today. Bye bye snow! I’m hoping to spend the entire day outside tomorrow. You’ll have to keep up posted on the chicks. I’m particularly interested in the Black Australorp (sp?). I saw hens and roosters at the farm show in January and they were exceptionally beautiful birds.

  2. I guess the BAs are pretty mild birds. Maggie is the largest bird by far, and was the last of the Australorps in the lot, so I had to have her. She’s probably a full week older than Letha, the tiny Rhode Island.

  3. Connie Peterson

    We are losing our snow here in southwest Minnesota but I wouldn’t DARE unplug things yet … the water was frozen in the fields where the snow has melted.

    I am glad to see that someone else uses a heated dog waterer for chickens. I also have one for the bird bath in the winter.

    I enjoy your blog -very interesting!!


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