Peep peep peep!

New at the farm:

Letha, a Plymouth Barred Rock
Pauline, a White Leghorn
Maddie, a Black Australorps
Phyllis II, an Araucana
Verloe, a Rhode Island Red

I am glad I did my recent dip into genealogy. We name the chickens after our grandmothers, and the more creative names shown above are from Tom’s side. The first batch last year were Helen/Lester (s/he, left us for greener pastures), Phyllis, Margie, Bonnie, Beatrice, and Maude. We still have the last three. These newbies are named after our kid’s great-great grandmothers, and then a few further up the tree.Pauline, Phyllis and Maddie

8 responses to “Peep peep peep!

  1. Yolanda Elizabet

    Very cute picture, can’t decide which is the cutest, the kiddie or the chicks. How many chickens do you have? I’m thinking about buying some chickens too, just for fun.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Yolanda elizabet~! Your site is quite lovely. LOVE all your bulbs…hopefully our place will have quite a show in about a month, too. Chickens are fun but the can wreak havoc on a garden if you’re not watching. They have garden visitation rights, but they must be supervised…

    We have three big chickens who’re almost a year old, and then these five little babies.

    And that’s my hand trying to take a chick off my daughter’s head…a bad shot, but a clear one of the little birds.

  3. The County Clerk

    what a delightful life for a little girl. good for you all.

  4. So cute!

    I need some baby birds. Badly.

  5. The chickes and your little girl are all adorable! I love that you name them after all your grandmothers!

  6. Oh my gosh. Soooooo cute. Now do I want more cute fuzzy little chicks or do I want a very cute little girl of my very own. Perhaps both? Have fun watching your little ones grow. It happens so fast. I can’t imagine how it must be to watch your child grow.

  7. Awwww, so cute!! Great picture. what a great opportunity for your daughter, to know this stuff from day one. Very nice.

  8. Meredith, Hank, Carol and GTR: both the child and the chicks are fun to watch growing, I will admit. Especially when she says while looking quite sleepy “But of course I am not a napper anymore Momma” and then, 10 minutes later (I can’t hear her so I am worried she’s into something) when I ask her what she’s doing she says “I’m reading a book.”

    The chicks? They feather out WAY too fast. Our biggest two have tail feathers already, and are eyeing the lip of their pen. It happens REALLY quickly.

    But the chicks and the child together? Can be a little maddening. Two rules: One, you can’t pick them up and two, use just one finger to touch them.

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