In like a lion

We had the most glorious thunderstorms early this morning. It seemed as if the booming and flashing was going on forever, and without rain, too, until SPLASH! it all came down.

So much rain atop all this snow atop frozen ground? Yes, it’s quite a mess. But the pond has opened up and now I can see all our fish. I am also seeing some wee blades of grass around the pond, too. After one full month of snowcover, you would swear my attitude was that of someone living on Hudson Bay or Fairbanks against their will. I LOVE snow. It’s the season of mud that I am not particularly anticipating, you know?

6 responses to “In like a lion

  1. So nice to find you. Five acres? Jealous.
    All that snow? Fuhgeddaboudit.
    Chickens? Jealous.
    Don’t forget to take the eggs out of your pocket.
    And keep warm.

  2. I love that March came in like a lion. Gives me hope on what we have to look foward to!

  3. March is coming in like a grizzly bear on steroids up here. It’s funny we get our winter when it’s almost spring.

    Ah the midwestern thunderstorms are splendid though. I really missed them out west.

  4. The County Clerk

    perhaps interesting explanation of the phrase.

    Thanks for making me think about this. i hadn’t thought of this particular saying in years and years. My mama used to say it. Very nice.

  5. Cookiecrumb: I have admired your site for a very long time; I am so glad you’ve come to visit. I will say I am jealous of your ability to shop at your farmer’s market year-round!
    Carol: I can’t wait, either. Pea-planting time is nigh!
    Burdockboy: I’ve heard about your storms. Again, just think, come March 31st, your chance of snow has diminished, at least somewhat!
    Hank: Thanks for the explanation. The lion is still holding on as we woke up to another 1 1/2″ atop all the slushy stuff. SIGH. And my pond froze over again!

  6. I love mud season! kidding. It took fifteen minutes to clean off 8 paws this morning after I discovered that not only did the dogs frolic in the poorly drained area in the field next to the house, but they also decided a day with over two inches of rain would be a swell time to dig in the compost pile.

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