Help me! I have fallen down a hole!

Winter paths
Okay, I am officially stir-crazy. Have any of you read Giants in the Earth? I remember the husband slowly going crazy in their sod hut on the prairie. I feel that way now.

And it is not for lack of something to do. I have baked more bread than we can eat (so I have frozen a lot). I have read everything that was on my list save one book. We have watched all our Netflix movies. The house is IMMACULATE and all the laundry is clean, folded and put away. Amazingly, we have even sorted the thousands of give-away clothes that our kid has so quickly outgrown. And I am showing AMAZING restraint in holding off my seed-starting binge, having only planted the alliums, parsley- and artichoke family things.

So what have I recently done with my time? Genealogy. THAT is a gigantic hole. I suggest nobody start doing research unless you truly have the time. I was up until 3:00 last night! Yikes. Nothing like adopting a new hobby!

Oh, and we’re under another winter storm warning, following about a half inch of freezing rain. Spring is certainly not just around the corner.

4 responses to “Help me! I have fallen down a hole!

  1. ah! I love the time suck that is genealogy, have fun!

  2. I should probably stay away from that then. It snowed all day yesterday and I cleaned, did laundry, made a really good tuna noodle casserole, transplanted house plants, transplanted the lettuce and stock seedlings I started a few weeks ago, and still was pacing and bored by 4pm. Spring has to be just around the corner. It just has to.

  3. I can’t wait for winter to be over, too, though I must trudge back and forth to work each day so my house is not immaculate… Thankfully, my grandparents did most of the genealogy sleuthing for us!

  4. I read it a long time ago – also went through the Conrad Richter books on pioneers. Maybe ‘cabin fever’ is less a factor now than in pre-internet days?

    You picked a good time for doing your genealogy, EL! Many of my genealogy hunts were for people who lived in the early 1900’s. When Ancestry released a big heap of WW One registrations late one Veterans’ Day Eve a few year’s ago, I don’t think I ever got to bed… just sat there all night, plugging in any likely names from the various trees, then alternately chortling and sniffling as some of our mysterious people were found.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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