Dear Johnny’s Selected Seeds,

Why oh why did your catalog show up only YESTERDAY? My 2007 seed order is long past ordered and delivered! And you know I LOVE your catalog!

I do apologize if this is simply the second catalog you’ve sent, and somehow in the flurry of catalogs, I didn’t see your first one. As you know, I placed a small order with you in January when I couldn’t get some necessary items from Fedco. And I do appreciate your rapid turnaround: I received my package the same week I placed the order.

But I sincerely want to thank you for the catalog, anyway. Its beautiful glossy photos make me think I really do need Italian dandelion (long red stems), and your spread of Asian greens made me wish to rush to the nearest Chinatown (Chicago, in my case). And your lettuces made me drool. In other words, thank you for the green porn. I really needed it. Because with all the white in my world, this is the kind of greenery I have been nurturing lately:

Yes, those are carrot tops. Spring cannot come soon enough.

Warmest wishes,
The Fast Weedpuller.

7 responses to “Dear Johnny’s Selected Seeds,

  1. LOL, el…that’s exactly what the seed catalogs are…green porn. And it is so sorely needed at this time of year 🙂

  2. Of all the junk mail I get, my “green porn” is weak. I only get burpees. Damn. But I’ve just moved and ordered a bunch at the new address. Maybe the seed people will notice me in the future.

  3. i’m curious about the carrots…so how does it work? you start the shoots indoors and then what? so cool.

  4. Haha. Carrot tops. That is funny. What will you do with them? My mailbox has green porn in it everyday now. Wasteful, yes. But most of them I keep for at least a year as reference material and as well, green porn, to be lovingly paged through when the garden is cold and dead.

  5. Rooster, it’s really simple: they’re the tops of regular old carrots, I just put them in a wee bit of water. It’s mainly to demonstrate to the kid “how things grow.” So it is sitting on my butcher block, just greening up the joint.

    So yes, I am quite desperate. But I *did* notice in a patch of no-snow ground next to the coop that some crocuses are sprouting up…

  6. Your bonsai Carrot forest is awfully cute, el, but it does have a certain air of desperation about it! We used to have sweet potato vines trailing all over when our kids were young, but the sweet potatoes have to be untreated.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. We’re glad you love the catalog and thank you forthe kind comments. I wish you much success this coming season!

    Alisa Keimel
    Marketing and PR Manager
    Johnny’s Selected Seeds

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