Happy Valentine’s day

It’s yet another snow day from school today. This means I won’t be getting 8 hours of work done…

Speaking of my last post and my love of foxgloves, another flower I love (on this day of love) is an annual: snapdragons. Sorry the picture is so crappy; the flowers are pretty ubiquitous here, and I grow lots of seedlings yearly, but…well, I have had snapdragons come back from year to year, too. Certainly not all of them, but they are considered to be “tender perennials.” Mulch, baby, mulch, as you can kind of see in this photo. This was taken in mid-November; they love to bloom despite the frosts.

And Jane of Snapdragon’s Garden said that foxgloves are wild everywhere in Scotland so she thinks it’s funny that they can be fussy in this country. She left a great tip though (and she’s a professional flower grower so she’d know) in that if you cut off the flower spikes before they come to seed, they will last a few years.

One response to “Happy Valentine’s day

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog! I am amzed at how much SNOW you regularly get! I can’t imagine dealing with all that snow on a regular basis.

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