This is a composite image out our north living room window. That’s a big storm coming our way off the lake yesterday morning. (That’s also the wooded half of the property; it’s about 2.5 acres.) M missed school both M&T and we got quite a bit more of the fluffy white stuff on Tuesday. Now, it’s just windy, so shoveling is still required.

I love the quality of sound (or rather, lack thereof) when things are snowcovered. We can’t hear any cars, but we can hear the roar of the waves on the lake.

We’ve gotten the snowshoes AND the x-c skis out, and dragged M behind us on her sled… I really love winter, even though it’s not gardening season.

3 responses to “Snowbound

  1. Thanks so much for the comment about Slick and for sharing your story.

    I like your blog–we also are on 5 acres!

    I am currently drooling over the fruit tree catalogs and thinking about cold-frames to start seedlings early this year.

  2. The snow dampens sound and amplifies waves. Cool!

  3. Okay, talk about surreal. I simply cannot imagine the sensory experience of standing thigh deep in snow and hearing the crashing of waves. That must be totally cool. Your property must be spectacular.

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