A thumping

Our Januaries usually have 68″ of snow. That is not a typo: we really SHOULD be under a thick blanket. The snowfall comes from Lake Michigan, of which we are its southeast shore. The white stuff comes down daily, usually, and usually only an inch or two, with maybe one to three storms that make up the difference to become 68″.

This month, as part of a highly unusual season, has had maybe 8-12″, and it mostly melted by the sun’s warm rays. Well. The clouds must have realized they were in deficit for the month, and now are hurrying to make their quota. We received about 20″ over the weekend, and are due up to another 10″ through tomorrow.

4 responses to “A thumping

  1. I’m a little envious. It somehow never seems quite as cold when there is a blanket of snow on the ground. It flurried a little last night, but no accumulation. It is frigid here today and the wind (especially at home) is just horrendous. I have to pause and steel myself prior to turning the corner at the back of the house. Its the kind of wind and cold that makes your nasal membranes feel like they are freezing. Yuck.

  2. It’s designed to keep you from starting a garden too early. Our snow has cleared off and now the goats want to get out and party every day. Kinda makes us long for rain, when they won’t stick their heads out the barn door.

  3. Thank god you left arctic Minnesota for that tropical paradise.
    It looks beautiful. Only a few inches up here, but mighty cold.

  4. Hey! We got that 10″ they threatened, and more’s to come on Wed. night. Philly, and Meredith too, I will take the white stuff over the cold any day. Throughout all this the coldest it will get is like 15*. And Teri, yes, thanks for reminding me (not) that there’s a season of Mud to get through before my hands get dirty again! The sheep for the first time ever are actually in their shed. It’s even too much for them.

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