The end (?) of the rant

Not me. Me.

In life, I really am not a Chicken Little kind of person. Sure, I am a pessimist, but I am not…extreme. But still. When things are waved in front of my face, I’m not very adept at pretending they’re not there.

This article, for instance. It points up that by heavily investing in speculative agricultural futures, we’re basically one (more) mad cow away from a collapse. “The flood of investment has raised concerns among grain traders and agricultural producers that speculative money is gaining an undue influence over their markets, which help set the prices of raw commodities for a host of consumer food products.”

I think it’s the behind-the-scenes stuff like this that really galls me. This, and our acceptance of “dirty” meat, and now “dirty” spinach, etc., and then the general bad food choices the majority of us make. Sure, I have the option of retreating back to my little farm and pretending it’s still 1925. Or I can take a tip from Dr. Strangelove: I can simply learn to stop worrying and love the trans fats!

2 responses to “The end (?) of the rant

  1. We have become so distressed over the quality, or lack thereof, of our purchased food that we are looking to move to about 1/2 an acre of land about 5 hours north. Living in SW Florida you’d think we’d have access to good fresh produce. Not here – we don’t even have a farmer’s market locally. We’re retired in “paradise”, but have to move to find our own little slice.

  2. I was enjoying your rants.

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