The country mice go to the city


We’re off for a few days to hit Tom’s show. He’ll be hobnobbing. Our kid wants to ride another bus. Me? I am looking forward to lots of great meals and some decent bagels (it’s been so long!).

p.s.: There’s more of Tom’s work here and here. Oh, and here; there’s an interview that was just published today.

5 responses to “The country mice go to the city

  1. WOW! That stuff is GREAT! I love that noir style! excellent!

  2. Have a great time – we are off to London for the weekend and, like you, my proposed itinerary is largely restaurants and delis!

  3. The County Clerk

    This very intriquing. Does he do commisions… like uh… favorite books? (Although I’m not sure I could stand to see them cut.)

    Very interesting.

  4. Great work. Really original. I used to live right down the street from that gallery, on west 27th street when I attended FIT right out of high school. I don’t think that gallery was there then though. That was pre-Chelsea gentrification. The very best bagels were at Chelsea Bagelry. The onion bagel with the pimento cream cheese. Yum. Hope you had a fabulous time and got to eat lots of bagels.

  5. I’m glad you like his work, Stacie (I do, too). Jane, I hope to get back to London within the next year or so, this time to promote Tom’s stuff. Isn’t it great to get away from the farm? It makes you appreciate things more. And Hank, his commissions have mostly been for magazine work; I am not sure how many “personal” ones he’s done…and surprisingly, he is very respectful to the book. (He doesn’t cut all the way through, for example.) Meredith, what a small world. Yeah, W 27th St/Chelsea are probably nearly unrecognizable to you now. Lots of clubs, galleries, scmantzy fancy bars, etc. Know exactly where Chelsea bagels is, and even walked by FIT this trip. Funny. And now you have a garden, and chickens!

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