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Bee balm (bergamot, monarda didyma) seed head

Oh okay I was feeling pretty good about having made my seed order already. I knew more seed catalogs were coming, and today alone the mailbox had six (6!). I *love* Fedco, but my zone 6-7 is a bit more warm than its Maine headquarters, so it got me thinking about what else I “need” for the garden.

Then I remembered Thanksgiving. We did the 100-Mile Thanksgiving, sans sweet potatoes! And guess what Fedco doesn’t carry! Quel horreur.

They also don’t carry angelica. It’s a monster herb plant that attracts beneficial insects, and would be lovely at the center of the garden. Hmm. Someone else (or two or three) is still going to get my seed money.

4 responses to “More on seeds

  1. farmer, vet and feeder of all animals

    Try Sandhill Preservation for sweet potatoes—they have a HUGE selection.
    I have wanted to try Angelica for a while too—I think this might be the year if I don’t run out of time, energy and oomph. I too am a multiple seed catalog shopper. Too much selection for just one or two catalogs!

  2. Thanks, Monica! I find it fascinating that this company sells both seeds AND chickens. Have you had good experiences with them? The reason I ask is that they’ve got kind of “iffy” reviews with Dave’s Garden Watchdog. Mainly, they seem slow.

  3. I would really like to see you answer on your blog the seed questions Carol posted on her May Dreams Gardens blog.

  4. El – Angelica is much easier from fresh seed if you know anyone with a plant. Here in the UK they self seed but digging up the tap rooted seedlings can be difficult.
    I love angelica – it makes great outdoor flower arrangements for late May weddings – indoors it can be a bit too celeryish.
    I have not tried candying the stems yet,

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