Six weird things

Bloody Beatrice last night with a mouse tidbit (a gift from us after the cats were done with it)**

I got tagged by Monica a couple of days ago with a meme about “Six Weird Things About You.” Hmm. The rules indicate I should tag six other poor souls, but I think I will spare the lot of you. I had to think a bit, mainly because I am probably SO weird that I needed some help deciding on 6 things. So I asked my husband.

Here are the six things:

1. My husband. Seriously.

2. Even though I am a vegetarian of long standing, I can kill anything, usually without much hesitation. I figure I am channeling some farmer ancestors.

3. I have done much genealogical research, and I can’t find any farmer ancestors, or at least none for the past 5 generations.

4. I eat popcorn with a fork (but I lower my standards when at the movie theater).

5. I am really weird about old food. Three days, and it goes to the chickens.

6. Since 7th grade, I had painted nails. Long ones. Then I had the kid, and no more polish. Now I bite my nails. (What is up with THAT?)

Happy new year to you all!

**the red in the photo above? Not blood, just the glow of the brooder light we have in their coop. When they huddle under it, I am reminded of the roast station at an awful buffet-style dining establishment. Poor birds.

2 responses to “Six weird things

  1. mwah ha ha! I love that name, our hen Bobbie has yet to find the mouse my old house kitty caught a couple nights ago, the carcass is out in the garden.

    kill anything? wow. I’m too big a wuss.

    popcorn with a fork? now that is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. 😉

  2. Happy New Year. I’ve also been tagged, but haven’t posted about my weirdness (yet). I don’t think I can top eating popcorn with a fork!

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