On time

Huge sin of commission: a clock in full view of the garden

So I am terribly pleased with myself in that I have actually gotten organized. Sure; my socks aren’t paired, but hey, my seeds have been recatalogued, my seed order made, and–most importantly–my shed is now not an embarrassing mess. All this is thanks to 1. a day and a half off of work and 2. my mother’s help with her granddaughter.

I really wanted nothing for this holiday. In fact, I made a list that only had 3 things on it (three books) and yes indeedy I received multiple copies of all three. Sigh. What I really should have asked for was TIME. Can I please have some time? Time to read, time to straighten out the shed, time to sort my seeds?

And it is time that I gave to others this year. We made gifts of banana bread, granola, strawberry jam and–best of all–felted slippers made of sweaters we shrunk from Goodwill. I guess this is what I mean. Time is precious. If I can give it, I do. If I can take it, glutton that I am, I WILL!

6 responses to “On time

  1. farmer, vet and feeder of all animals

    More time or at least more “round tuits”. There never seem to be enough.
    By the way–hope you don’t mind if I tag you for the fun of it. Check my post for today for more info.
    And in regards to the seed post—I like Fedco but I also like Baker Creek Heirlooms too. Both are good places to buy from. Yes, you probably need walking onions. They are fun and you can give the extras away to others.

  2. you gotta grab it while you can, and it’s hard with little ones! I love the slippers, and I just got my first seed catalouge in the mail yesterday! Is it spring yet??

  3. It would be great if some one can invent a TIME gift card and you can give it by the hour or days. I’ll be happy if that is all I get for Christmas.

  4. Seed order placed already? Now I’m starting to panic because I’ve barely started to look at the catalogs and I have to go back to work on Tuesday!

  5. Ah, Carol, don’t panic too much about your seed order. There are a few greens that I wanted to start outside in February, and then leeks and onions inside in January. That’s all. Everything else could wait, but I wanted to make sure I got everything I wanted. Plus, I had the TIME to do it!

  6. The County Clerk

    Clocks BELONG in gardens. There is no sin here.

    In fact, your image prompted me to write an essay on the subject!

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